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The Daily Grind: How do you like your character customization?

Jef Reahard

SOE's Jens Andersen recently provoked a bit of a discussion with his comments on DC Universe Online's character customization options. In a nutshell, he intimated that they're somewhat limited initially and devoid of excessive "fluff" in order to give players something to strive for as they build their avatars.

This is something of a departure from the tradition established by earlier superhero MMOs. City of Heroes and Champions Online both feature absurdly awesome amounts of individuality and costume customization potential. Even older, non-superhero games such as Aion and Star Wars Galaxies are renowned for the unique looks possible with their extensive character creation tools.

That, dear Massively readers, brings us to the question of the day. Do you buy into Andersen's theory that costume and character individuality is a worthwhile carrot, or do you prefer the CoH/Champions method of options, options, and more options from the get-go? How do you like your character customization?

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