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    Corsair's ear-straddling HS1 headset earns high marks in early reviews

    Vlad Savov

    You had to know that Corsair wouldn't stride into a new product category with just so-so hardware. Its new HS1 gaming headset has been sent out to a couple of UK reviewers and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Both Hexus and Bit-tech praised the circumaural (made to fit around, rather than on top of, your ears) design for its weight distribution and memory foam-assisted comfort, while also giving the thumbs up to sound quality. Bass reproduction is said to be somewhat weaker than desirable, but the bundled software gives you plenty of adjustment options. It's a shame that you'll have to install the drivers in order to avoid the in-line remote control blinking madly at you, and it's also not too awesome that you won't be able to use the mic on a Mac, but so long as these vices don't bother you unduly, you should find the $99 investment in an HS1 set more than worth it. Hit the links below for more detailed impressions.

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