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Steam launches beta for 'Steam Wallet' payment option

Though a "Steam Wallet" sounds like some sort of futuristic contraption which heats and presses your bills to a crisp finish, it's actually a new payment option Valve has sent into beta for its Steam platform. Rather than taking money directly out of your debit or credit card and using that money to buy a game, you can now take money directly out of your debit or credit card, and put it in a Steam Wallet in $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100 increments, and then use that money to buy a game.

While this new program might seem like an unnecessary middleman to us grown-ups, we can see the merit for youngsters who don't have access to their own forms of intangible currency. What better way to teach them the value of five fake-bucks than to let them loose in the world's biggest video game store?

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