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Anarchy Online details account merges and spruces up art


In the corporate wars of the future, stealth and subtlety are a must, which is why Funcom implemented account merges last week without telling anyone until now. The company's reasoning? Better to see if there were any glaring issues before trumpeting the new feature. In any case, players may now combine any number of accounts into one Master Account for free. Funcom says that this is currently a free service, but it will probably cost money in the future. With the merge comes the option to transfer characters between the sub-accounts for a nominal fee as well.

For fans of Anarchy Online eager to hear anything about the promised graphics engine overhaul, AO-Universe recently published an interview with dev "MstrBstrd," who has been hard at work remaking art assets for the game. He's pretty blunt as to some of the weaknesses of the game (such as the grid) and admits that we're probably not going to see any new classes in the foreseeable future. Just make sure that you get your item descriptions straight around MstrBstrd: "It's a Unique Horn, not a Unicorn!"

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