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Breakfast Topic: Why won't they play?


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Gaming is a social activity ... Well, it always has been for me. I've always played games (from TCG to pen-and-paper RPGs, from the arcade to home consoles) with other people. Any game I enjoyed, I shared with my friends. So when I finally joined my boyfriend in World of Warcraft, I tried getting a few other friends into the game. It was a good way for all of us to stay connected while we were at different schools, as well as replace our D&D and Mutants and Mastermind campaigns until the summer.

A few of my friends joined my boyfriend and me in Azeroth. Some stayed, some didn't -- but the majority didn't even want to give WoW a first or (for some) second chance on a trial account. When I asked them why, I was given these reasons:

  • "I don't need four nights of raiding a week."
  • "I don't need to play a game that's gonna act as a second job."
  • "I don't like paying more than once to play a game."
  • "It's too addictive."
Though I think some of these are invalid excuses, I will let my friends be until the next game I get into. Do you have friends that just won't try even the trial account? What excuses do they give you?

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