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Bungie building a new engine for Activision project


Like the Halo series before it, Bungie is working on its own, brand new game engine for use in its forthcoming Activision project. "Just like we don't want to develop a game off someone else's IP, we want to push our own technology in the same way. That's going to be our position for the forseeable future," Bungie's Brian Jarrard told Develop in a recent interview.

Furthermore, that new engine is already being worked on, though it's still in the early stages. "Yeah, [the new engine is] actually in development, so I would say it's in a stage where, technically we're still at the end of a pre-production mode," Jarrard explained. He did admit that, "now that Reach is done the full weight of our team is rolling into the project," adding, "Real work is underway." We're excited to hear more about Bungie's next project, but for now, we've got an inevitable glassing to face.

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