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Nokia teases Swipe NFC payment system for digital receipts, warm eco-friendly feeling

Chris Ziegler

Now that Nokia's gone all-in with NFC and announced that it'll be blanketing its entire smartphone line with the technology next year, it's gotta do something cool with it -- after all, simply turning a phone into a digital wallet is so 2009! That seems to be where Swipe comes into play, a new software stack Espoo is teasing this week that integrates NFC payments with instant digital receipt uploads to your phone -- instead of getting a printed copy -- which boosts your treehugger street cred by leaps and bounds. Perhaps even cooler, though, the system reads the receipt once it's back on your phone and makes a note of the product's return period so that it can remind you when time's running out, perfect for getting maximum usage out of that N8 before flipping it back from whence it came. If we had to guess, this might be unveiled in full at Nokia World, which just happens to kick off tomorrow -- and we're on the scene for all the unexpectedly drama-packed action, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, follow the break for the full teaser video.

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