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Resident Evil: Afterlife nets first place at the box office

It seems that the combination of 3D technology, video game inspiration and the acting chops of Milo Jovonovich ... Milli Jovovonich ... that lady from The Fifth Element proved undeniable for moviegoers this past weekend. Paul W.S. Anderson's latest foray into the world of game movies, Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D took first place in the box office over the weekend, netting $28 million on opening night alone.

That's the best opening for any film in the series so far, but with an estimated budget of $60 million, it's got a little ways to go to break even. But hey -- enough about the monies. Did you see the movie? How was it? And how was Mrs. Jovavonov ... Joovajanavich ... M.J.?

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