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Angry Birds to add microtransactions, instant-win Mighty Eagle


If you own an iOS device (and soon Android devices as well), Angry Birds is a proposition that's tough to refuse. The game is only $0.99 and has been routinely upgraded with free updates, let alone the fact that it's actually really fun. It's a good deal to be sure, but one imagines that it's a hard one for developer Rovio to maintain. Purchases have to slow at some point, and you can't keep offering free updates to a stagnant market, so what's an enterprising developer to do? Capitalize on your frustration, of course!

Anyone who has played Angry Birds knows the situation: You've played the same level for hours and nothing is working. According to Multiplayer, that won't be a problem anymore, because Rovio will soon be adding the Mighty Eagle to the list of available birds. As its name implies, this eagle is very mighty, so mighty that it can clear any level ... instantly. The catch is that players have to buy a can of sardines (with real money) in order to lure the eagle out.

Rovio hasn't divulged specific pricing information -- cost per can, how many sardines per can, etc. -- but we imagine many players will take the plunge. After all, you have to see that eagle at least once, right? The free updates are great and all but ... giant eagle. Check out a teaser trailer for the Mighty Eagle after the break.

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