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Apple warns App Store name squatters


TechCrunch reports that Apple is cracking down on "app name squatters," developers who create an app and reserve a name on the App Store, but don't actually upload files to release and sell the app. Apparently this is an issue -- personally, I can't immediately think of any names that I'd need to have on the App Store (maybe it's something really generic, like iReader?), but there are supposedly a few developers who have a certain name in mind, but can't use it because a squatter has locked it up in iTunes Connect. In fact, our own Victor Agreda foresaw this problem a while back, and now it's popped up on Apple's radar.

There's good news, though. Apple will now send out a warning after 90 days of locking up a name with no actual files uploaded, and then 30 days later will delete the record on the App Store. And notices are going out; developers who've sat on a name for more than 90 days already are getting their 30 days' notice now.

If that app you're planning to put out there has taken a little longer than expected to go through the final coding process, you might want to get on it. But Apple doesn't say that it will actually check. While the app will need to meet all of the other guidelines (including the rules for minimum functionality), you could probably still release a small app under the name you want, and then upgrade and release the full version later on. We'll have to see what happens with devs who really want to reserve App Store names in the future.

[via AppleInsider]

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