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Droid Does website points to imminent Froyo update for Droid X... but what does it mean?

Darren Murph

Just as Paul Vasquez would have us do, we're questioning the true meaning behind a curious page that has popped up over at the Droid Does website -- a very authentic portal that Verizon Wireless itself has been pushing for nearly a year. Put simply, the splash page details "great news!" surrounding a heretofore unannounced Android 2.2 update for the arguably gigantic Droid X. In fact, we're even told about all the amazing features that Froyo brings, but alas, our own X has yet to get any sort of notification from Big Red. The image you're peering at above was purportedly texted to a tipster from VZW, but unfortunately, the links led to the previously referenced splash page rather than a download. Still, we're guessing that this means a bona fide release is just around the corner -- Verizon's already a few weeks late at this point, so hopefully the finishing touches are nearly done.

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