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Mmmm... new flavors of DODOcase iPad case are available


Remember the DODOcase? It was perhaps the first iPad case that we reviewed, a beautiful handmade Moleskine-like case made with traditional bookbinding methods. The case single-handedly revived the art of bookbinding in San Francisco, and it's sparked a handful of competitors.

For most of the product's short life so far, the interior paper in the case has been red. Now the company will be providing a full spectrum of 11 colors (including red) to purchasers. Craig Dalton, co-founder of DODOcase, sent us a bunch of glamor shots of the cases that we've collected into a gallery to make you drool.

An interesting note about the bookplate inside the cover of every DODOcase. Dalton noted that "We introduced the bookplate after we realized we couldn't possibly hand sign every one that went out the door. We signed the first 1000, then moved to a printed library card for another 1000 or so, then moved to the bookplate. We are passionate about the history of book binding and were really jazzed when someone pointed us towards the bookplate ( I loved the idea of creating something that people could personalize with their name, but also feel like a part of the history of the book."

If you have a hand-signed DODOcase sheltering your iPad, consider yourself very lucky.

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