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Rahul Sood sees an awesome, but distant future for webOS devices

Vlad Savov

Rahul Sood, founder of Voodoo PC and current innovation tzar at HP, has some good and some bad news for us. On the one hand, the way he sees webOS development from the inside of the HP Palm coupling makes Rahul believe that "everyone will want in once the presentation of hardware is in front of them," but then on the other, far less happy hand, he urges us to abandon hope of seeing that happen soon. We can't know for sure what his definition of "soon" might be, but it does suggest webOS 2.0 will likely be a pure software drop later this year, to be followed by HPalm finally unveiling the hot new gear sometime in 2011. Although that's basically what we were expecting anyway, we can't help but wonder why it's taking so long to churn out some new devices -- it's not like they're being made out of unobtainium... or are they, Rahul?

Update: Rahul has clarified his tweet in a blog post, assuring us that we'll see an entire new portfolio of webOS devices -- replete with new form factors -- take shape over the next 12 months. That, he says, means neither tomorrow nor 364 days from now. HPalm's unification challenges are many and the roadmap remains fluid.

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