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Vindictus beta key giveaway round 2: Don't miss out again!


OK, so we knew you guys would be interested in slicing demons in half, but we had no clue how much you really wanted to slice demons in half. We had 2,000 beta keys to give away for Vindictus, and you guys cleaned us out in two hours! Thank you so much!

To celebrate how fast you cleaned us out the first time, we've been given 2,000 more beta keys from our friends at Nexon! Just like last time, these keys, once redeemed, will get you into the beta and give you two more keys to give to your friends! Each key redeemed spawns two more, like the never-ending Fomor forces you're about to face!

If you'd like to help us out, post your unused friend keys in the comments so we can help spread the love! Or, if you want to chat with your fellow MMOers, come join us in the chat room, where you can trade keys, talk about your favorite games, and meet the editors! Either point your IRC client to and go to the #massively channel, or hook up with us on our webchat, located at, and put massively in for the channel name!

But, you want Vindictus keys, don't you! Hit the continue reading button to find out how to claim a key!

It's a viral key giveaway!

All you have to do to get yourself a Vindictus beta key is visit our key giveaway site and click the button there! That's it! The site will give you a code, which you'll be able to redeem at Nexon's Vindictus beta website. Once you redeem your key and enter your email address, Nexon will send you two more beta keys for you to give to your friends. Because of that, please only take one key from our beta site, so we can spread the love!

Please also note that the beta does not begin until September 15th, so you have plenty of time to download the client and get ready for the gates of beta to give way!

Do you need a big green button to attack before you grab your key? Just wait a second; I have the perfect thing for you! Click away!

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