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Let their voices be unheard: Halo: Reach has an auto-mute feature

Blatant violations of standard netiquette practices have become sorrowfully commonplace in the online gaming arena -- so commonplace, in fact, that it sometimes just doesn't even feel worth it to mute your insufferable teammates. If you're planning on sinking a good chunk of your life into Halo: Reach, we ask that you muster up the resolve to keep on muting -- not just for yourself, but for the world.

Bungie's Tyson Green (using the pseudonym "Ferrex") recently informed Ars Technica that Reach has a rather democratic auto-mute feature, which "notices, warns, and eventually defaults players to being muted when they enter games, if they are muted by enough people over a period of time." So, remain ever vigilant in the face of stupidity, dear friends. We thank you in advance.

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