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Forsaken World readies first closed beta test

Jef Reahard

Perfect World Entertainment, the prolific publisher behind free-to-play games such as Battle of the Immortals, Jade Dynasty, and Perfect World International, is adding another title to its all-star roster in the form of Forsaken World. Formally known as Project EM, Forsaken World is ready for its first closed beta phase and, thanks to a limited number of keys available on the official website, you are invited. The testing is currently scheduled to begin on October 27th.

The title makes use of Perfect World's proprietary Angelica graphics platform, and focuses on empire-building and expansion as one of five unique races. Eight classes are available, with an unusual vampire option added to the usual fantasy suspects such as warrior, assassin, and priest.

You can grab a beta key and find out more information from the official Forsaken World website. Also, don't forget to browse the human assassin screenshot gallery below.

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