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Found Footage: Kensington Bluetooth keyboard case for iPad


OK, admit it.

The multi-touch screen on the iPad is amazing for most of the work that you do, but when you're really trying to type a lot of words quickly, the virtual keyboard sucks.

We've seen a few similar keyboard cases demoed over the past few months, but this is the first we can remember from a well-known accessory manufacturer like Kensington. When it begins to ship next month, Kensington's Bluetooth keyboard case for the iPad will cost $99.

The case has hotkeys for launching the home screen, searching, and controlling media playback, which will keep you from reaching up to tap the screen while you're working. According to the post on Liliputing, the case comes with a Lithium-ion battery that powers the Bluetooth transceiver for up to 3 months on a charge. Blogger Brad Linder noted that the keys have a "soft, rubbery texture," which sounds regretfully like the infamous PCjr chiclet keyboard. Still, as Linder states, that's still better than the on-screen keyboard for fast typing.

In other iPad keyboard news, AIDACASE is reporting that their very similar Keycase Folio Deluxe for iPad is now shipping. The $99.99 case looks strikingly identical to the Kensington case, is charged through a Micro-B USB connector, and now has a magnetic flap to keep the folio closed when on the move.

For this blogger, I'd rather spend $69 and get an Apple Wireless Keyboard if high-speed typing on an iPad becomes a necessity.

[via übergizmo]

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