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ICO / Shadow of the Colossus collection revealed, not only HD but 3D

Team ICO director Fumito Ueda just took the stage during Sony's TGS presentation and confirmed the consistently leaked ICO / Shadow of the Colossus HD remakes coming to PS3. He didn't share many details – Are they sold separately in Japan? – but did reveal one new addition to the seminal PS2 titles that we didn't know about. In addition to HD graphics, both titles will support 3D on PlayStation 3.

When can you gladly hand over your hard-earned money to Sony? Ueda would only say "coming soon" but didn't share a date. In our dictionary, "soon" is a lot earlier than the April 2011 date most retailers have agreed upon.

Update: At a follow-up press conference, SCEA confirmed that the disc will be available in "Spring 2011." Update 2: We've added some screens, the boxart, and a trailer to the post.

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