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Logitech Revue with Google TV coming 9/29 for $299, Dish Network offering discounts?

Tim Stevens

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Google TV is coming, and Logitech's Revue is gonna bring it to ya first. But, if you're a Dish Network subscriber, it looks like you might be able to get yours for cheaper -- a lot cheaper. According to our industrious tipster, the Revue is slated to launch on September 29, just two weeks from now, with an MSRP of $299. But, if you happen to be a Dish subscriber, you can get one (and only one) for the heavily discounted price of $179. Our noble tipster also got some pictures of the keyboard, which match perfectly those captured earlier this month by good 'ol Mr. Blurrycam and, while we can't be 100% sure about these details, this deal certainly would go a long way toward explaining why attendees to Google's Zeitgeist event recently walked away with six free months of Dish service.

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