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MAG '2.0' due within a month; adds Move support, weapon purchases and more


No, MAG 2.0 isn't the supposed sequel we've seen pop up in at least one retailer's inventory computers. It's version 2.0 of the original game, and it's "less than a month away," according to developer Zipper Interactive's blog. The update looks to pack some pretty big additions -- hence the big two-point-oh.

The previously announced PlayStation Move support headlines a roster of improvements, and will make MAG one of the first "core" titles to implement Sony's motion controller. Zipper is also upping the level cap from 60 to 70, introducing changes to the skill tree designed to give MAG "the deepest character customization and specialization ever found in a first-person shooter," boasts Zipper. Additionally, the update will institute an in-game economy where match winnings can be used to buy new weapons and gear from a "Supply Depot."

Of course, 2.0 will also usher in a host of fixes and tweaks intended to "streamline the overall experience." And if you can believe it, Zipper is teasing that there's even more content in the upcoming patch to be revealed before it goes live. Now we just need to know exactly when that'll be, so we can start shoving aside all personal and professional obligations.

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