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Netgear's HBR1210 HSPA+ / 802.11n mobile router pings the FCC

Darren Murph

What's this? The best of both worlds, wrapped neatly into one elegant mobile router? Sure looks that way, as Netgear's HBR1210 looks to have support for HSPA+ mobile networks as well as traditional 802.11n WiFi for the home. Based on the FCC filing (which seems down at the moment), there's a foursome of gigabit Ethernet jacks, a SIM card slot, an external antenna port and a chassis that looks to be around 9.8- x 7.9-inches. In other words, we wouldn't expect a Rover here, but we suppose "mobile" can mean lots of things to lots of people. We'll keep you posted once an official release date and price falls into our lap.

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