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One Shots: No mo' power rangers

While we knew Realtime Worlds was in trouble, we're not entirely sure even the company's remaining employees were expecting All Points Bulletin to go offline quite this fast. That's why, despite this screenshot not technically being big enough for a normal One Shots, we simply couldn't resist running it anyway, as it is the lone, last All Points Bulletin image in our One Shots mailbox, showing off yet another example of the crazy costuming people pulled off in the game. This image comes to us from KCG, who writes in: "[This is] me (green ranger) and my criminal bros decked out in ranger gear causing crimes in the Waterfront District. GO GO POWER RANGERS!" If you've got any hours left (as some of our staff members do), you'd best get in-game and burn 'em quick. Perhaps you'll see these three rangers there.

If you're playing an MMO -- or played, in the case of sunsetted games -- we'd love to see screenshots from you. Gather up some of your favorites and email them in to us here at along with your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we're seeing. We'll post your images out here and give you the credit.

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