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Shocker: Verizon says Droid Eris won't get Froyo

Sean Hollister

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Though the HTC Droid Eris soldiers on in user pockets in a variety of guises, Verizon has unsurprisingly decided to disavow future updates for the canceled device. Carrier spokespersons told Computerworld that the Eris won't see Android 2.2. "We have other options in Android devices, so this is part of the normal evolution of our portfolio," a spokeswoman reportedly said. While we didn't really expect Verizon to pull a T-Mobile and support phones that died even before the original G1, we have to imagine there'll be a few ruffled feathers at that particular choice of words. No one likes to be told to buy a new device in order to get a software update. On the plus side, we expect XDA-developers will get a few new members this week, the better to unleash the potential of future neglected devices for us all.

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