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The Daily Blues


Each day, WoW Insider takes you through all the blue posts and other Blizzard news from around the internet. From the latest posts from Ghostcrawler (lead systems designer) to the lowdown on StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3, we'll keep you informed.

The blues have been relatively quiet lately, but there's still some good stuff.

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Ghostcrawler -- PTR Damage
When the class changes go live, damage is going to be very high relative to health for level 80 characters. We are spending most our PvP balancing effort at level 85, since that by far is what matters most to players. The health pools at 85, decaying combat ratings (because you'll be going from tier 3 gear to tier 0 gear), extra talent points and the 3 new abilities make a huge difference overall.

Since the current PvP season will end when these changes go live, they shouldn't have a lasting impact on ratings, titles and the like. We are prepared to just drop a temporary player damage nerf on all BGs and Arenas if necessary just so things don't feel too silly until everyone can level up to 85.

How things feel at 85 is of far more importance to us. We fully expect to see a lot of posts from freaked out players who imagine 85 will feel just like 80, but it won't. The gain in survivability is substantial.



here I was thinking it was because the damage pass hadn't happened yet, afterall some specs are still hitting like wet noodles (mine). Please say the damage pass hasn't happened!

It hasn't. Off the top of my head, Fury warriors and Feral druid damage seems low. BM hunter damage seems high. There are probably others. You'll start to see more number tweaks over time, especially as more players get to 85 on the beta that we can compare to our internal testing.


Zarhym -- In which Zarhym finds his M key

Can someone tell me how to get to dragonblight ?

I'm a lvl 73 DK, and was thinking thats a good place to go?


I'm terribly sorry. Forgive my immaturity.

Mumper - AQ10
AQ20 tuning has not changed, it has just been reduced to a 10 player raid.

Zarhym -- Archaeology
There is definitely a large component of Archaeology which should be very attractive to completionists. It's quite awesome though. I think it'll add a lot of flavor to the game without necessarily being one of those "must have X" professions/skills/abilities.

Allowing you to explore some ruins in Azeroth you may have otherwise overlooked and learn more about this world's rich history is something we're very excited about. It has elements that feel a bit like questing, but you have much more freedom to choose how and when you want to explore the world for new artifacts. It's been set up to allow for a fairly simple expansion of content over time as well, so we look forward to giving digging deeper into Archaeology in the future. :)


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