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The Daily Grind: How much planning do you want for your character?

Eliot Lefebvre

All MMOs require some amount of planning for your character ahead of time. Sometimes it's just a matter of choosing whether you want to be a warrior or a healer (with apologies to game-specific terms), but sometimes you wind up in a game with a much longer list of options. There are differing talent builds in World of Warcraft, different Virtue specializations in Lord of the Rings Online, and buckets of different skill loadouts for Guild Wars. And that's not getting into the bevy of class options available in Dungeons and Dragons Online.

But some people really dislike that approach. After all, it kind of does suck if you get to level 50 only to find that you made a bad choice back at level 14 that's going to screw your character forever. That's where you get reversible choices and non-permanent selections... but you still have to make some choices early on that you can't undo later. So how much do you like to plan out your characters in advance? Do you prefer games that let you make all your choices as you go, with no wrong options? Or do you like making long and detailed arrangements for your characters' future?

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