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Consumer Reports app 'not recommended'

Mel Martin

You'd think that Consumer Reports, judges of all things good and bad in autos, electronics, frozen food, etc. (not to mention smartphones) could get its own app right.

After a late August update, the free app has more crashes than a bad day at the Indy 500. Want to see the problem? Just tap on "Electronics," which is one of the categories at the bottom of the screen. Kaboom! I thought it was just me, but everyone I know with an iPhone 4 has had the same problem, and the iTunes store reader feedback is overflowing with bad reviews and complaints about this bad behavior. Your mileage my vary, but the bug is pretty widespread.

After almost a month, Consumer Reports should have gotten a problem like this one sorted out, but there it sits. The issues with the app have given it a measly one star rating. It might be a good idea for the company to issue a recall, or at the very least, just fix the app. For now, this stinker is "not recommended."

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