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Dear Aunt TUAW: RSS in the clouds


Dear Auntie TUAW,

I'll admit it... I'm a news junkie. Podcasts, RSS feeds, the works!

RSS feeds are what I am wondering about today. You see, I like to skim my RSS headlines, read the feed items that catch my eye, and not have any items automatically delete or disappear. My current setup is using Mail's RSS functionality and then manually deleting the articles I don't want. I'm fine with that, heck, ... I prefer it that way. But ever since I got my shiny, new iPad, I've been wondering if there is a better way. See, I like to read RSS feeds on my morning and evening commutes. (Don't worry, Auntie, ... I take the train.) Hence, my problem. I read and delete or read and save an article on my iPad, but then I have to manually reconcile my feeds with those on my home computer.

Ideally, what I'd like to do is have an RSS client "in the cloud" and then be able to access it from my iPad, my Mac, and maybe even my work computer and my BlackBerry. Basically have it function like an IMAP-push mail server, if you get my drift. I checked out Google Reader, but it seems lacking. Any suggestions?

Hugs and snuggles!


Dear Erik,

Did I ever tell you that you are my favorite nephew? Yes, all of my nephews are my favorite nephew, but you're special! Anyway, I've put my head together with Uncle Victor and Cousin Brett, and we've come up with a few suggestions for you to try out, namely Reeder, NewsRack, and River of News.

These are Google Reader clients, so they sync their changes back to Google. That means if you put down your iPad and later pick up your iPhone, your app will pick up on the items that you've already read. Super handy, yes?

That's not to say that the apps are perfect. Last I heard, you could not manage your subscriptions from Reeder -- not sure about NewsRack or River of News -- and had to do it directly in Google Reader. Still, apps keep getting better all the time, and either client is likely to give you the helpful, unified RSS reading experience you're looking for.

Hey, nieces and nephews. Got a better suggestion for Cousin Erik? Sound off in the comments below.


Auntie T.

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