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Get Champions Online at a discount for a week

Eliot Lefebvre

Champions Online put itself on the line during its anniversary by letting players have a full week of access to the game completely for free. The idea, beyond a doubt, was that once players had a taste of the metaphorical milk, they would simply have to purchase the equally metaphorical cow. But if you've been stymied by the fact that this month's cow budget is a bit on the tight side, there's good news on the horizon: for the next week, you can buy the game for only $6.

The sale isn't being run at any brick-and-mortar stores, but is being run through two of the most popular digital distribution services, Steam and Direct2Drive. Both retailers will be offering the game at the discounted price for a week, with Steam getting a slight edge simply because it also has a free demo available for the game. Players interested in purchasing Champions Online at a steep discount can head to either service before September 22nd, perhaps encouraging the creation of a cow-themed superhero.

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