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Motorola Flipout coming to AT&T this weekend, Windows Phone 7 gear on October 17?

Chris Ziegler

We've just taken delivery of a fascinating (as opposed to Fascinating, we suppose) list of rumored upcoming launches on AT&T, so let's flesh 'em out. First up, we're apparently getting the Motorola Flipout and the LG Neon II this Sunday; the Flipout has been rumored for AT&T delivery and the Neon II is an obvious replacement (which Rogers has already launched) for the aging Neon, so that all makes good sense. Next up, RIM should contribute the BlackBerry Pearl 3G and Curve 3G on October 3rd alongside a device called the Laser from Pantech. October 17 is where things really heat up, though: we've got the Motorola "Bravo" and "Flipside" (we don't know what either of these are, but we can pretty safely assume they're Android offerings) along with the "Patek" and "Universe" from Samsung. Given the date's proximity to the presumed Windows Phone 7 launch, we'd argue that at least one of these is likely the Cetus or another Microsoft-powered handset to kick off AT&T's dive into the platform. So, who's lining up for the Flipout this weekend?

[Thanks, Nawaid]

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