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Upcoming Alan Wake DLC features a song by a band you know

We find ourselves in a bit of a precarious situation -- we've always thought the songs that play at the end of Alan Wake's episodes are delightful little treats, so we don't want to forecast the ending track of the game's upcoming DLC chapter, "The Writer." We do know what said track is, though, and we desperately want to tell you. If you don't mind the minor spoiler, continue reading past the jump.

The track is Depeche Mode's "The Darkest Star," as announced by EMI, and you can check it out in the video below! Sure, it may not be the Mode's most recognizable track, but we're in full support of its inclusion; partially because it's kind of a neat song and should mesh well with Alan Wake's dark atmosphere. But mostly we just think it would be surreal to see Depeche Mode references in every video game that gets released by the year 2015.

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