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Breakfast Topic: Have you visited any old friends lately?


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It's September, and we're still waiting on Deathwing to give Azeroth a makeover (especially Desolace -- I don't know anyone who has ever had anything good to say about that zone). While Deathwing has said many times he's going to make an appearance in 2010, he has yet to say when he's coming. So for now, we're left hanging out with Arthas. I've spent more than enough time with Arthas. All he ever talks about is how cold his frozen throne is, how nobody comes to visit and when they do they bring that jerk Tirion along.

One day, I finally got tired of hanging around Arthas and decided to visit some old friends. I went to say hi to Hakkar, but he was still bitter that I took his heart, so I said my goodbyes and left. After visiting Hakkar, I went to the Molten Core; that was a very bad idea. Apparently, the Core Hounds think dwarves are a snack no matter what level they are.

After running back to my body and forcing my turtle to distract the corehounds so I could get away, I decided to visit my good friends in Shattrath. That was also a bad idea. I waved at A'dal, and as I turned to walk away, he invaded my mind and started complaining about Kael'thas. I guess people are going back to kill Kael just for laughs, so he in turns appears in Shattrath to taunt A'dal. He was also complaining about how the new adventurers refuse to help him or anyone else in the city.

You know what? Forget it. I'm done being nice. I'm not going to visit anyone else. Let me know when Deathwing comes. I'll be at the Ironforge inn with my cat. At least she doesn't hold a grudge when I leave her at the stable master ...

What about you? What old friends have you called on recently, in the slow weeks before Cataclysm?

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