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GV Mobile+ for Google Voice on the iPhone released

TJ Luoma, @tjluoma

GV Mobile + has returned to the App Store. If you live in the USA and therefore have access to Google Voice, grab a copy of GV Mobile + for $3 and celebrate the return of arguably the best Google Voice app for the iPhone. (We also reported that another app by the name of GV Connect is available for the same price. The biggest initial difference is that GV Mobile has been well-known and developed for several years.)

The original app, GV Mobile, had to be renamed to GV Mobile + because Sean Kovacs, the developer, deleted it once it was removed from the App Store, and wasn't able to reclaim the name. That means that even if you owned GV Mobile you'll still have to pay for GV Mobile +.

Yes, that's frustrating, but let's keep things in perspective: it's $3, not a kidney. Deleting the app was a very understandable thing to do when Apple removed all Google Voice apps from the App Store and gave absolutely no indication that they would ever be allowed to return. Click Read More for additional information about GV Mobile+.

Note: we received the iTunes link directly from the developer, but it usually takes some time before it is available to all iTunes users. To quote Han Solo, "it's not my fault."

The good news is that there has been a lot of on-going development with the app even since it was removed from the App Store. Sean released the app for the jailbreak community, and so he has been developing it even since it dropped off the radar for more people. He outlined some of the major changes and features on his website. Push is planned for a future version. (As is VoIP, which is interesting because Google Voice is not VoIP, you will still use your AT&T minutes when you make calls via Google Voice.)

Sean has also mentioned that he has some promo codes and a free period which he will be announcing on Twitter so if you have serious problems with the asking price, you can follow him there and hope to catch one. As for me, I've been waiting over a year for this, and I don't intend to wait any longer.

TUAW will have a more thorough review later, but this is a fairly significant event for those who have been watching the App Store. Glad to see that Apple has loosened its grip, even if only ever-so-slightly.

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