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HTC Desire HD ROM gets dumped, ported, chopped, and screwed... oh, and benchmarked

Chris Ziegler

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Lots of activity involving the just-announced HTC Desire HD in the past couple days, despite the fact that it's yet to be released anywhere -- and frankly, that's just the kind of can-do attitude from the dev community that we like to see. First off, the HD2 -- which, considering the screen size and general spec sheet similarity, makes an obvious candidate for a ROM transplant -- has indeed gotten an early port, and something tells us this hack is going to get a lot of spit and polish over the next few weeks and will end up breathing fresh life into a phone that had been crippled by its dead-man-walking operating system. There'd been a video of the port in action, but sadly, it's been pulled off YouTube for some mysterious reason, so hopefully it'll reemerge (along with instructions for HD2 owners) soon.

Meanwhile, the Desire HD is apparently putting up some hardcore benchmark scores on the strength of its updated Snapdragon MSM8255 processor, posting a Quadrant score of nearly 2,000 -- about two-thirds better than a Froyo-equipped Nexus One. The dumped ROM is already online, so feel free to start digging through it... and if you somehow have a prototype Desire HD lying around, all the better.

[Thanks, garsim]

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