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Tonight is International Observe the Moon Night so grab your iPhone

Mel Martin

Tonight is the first-ever International Observe the Moon Night. If you have an iOS device, you can get even more out of observing our nearest neighbor and learning about what its made of, how it came to be, and how to observe it.

Free apps like Moon Globe will allow you to explore the lunar service in detail tonight, or any night. If you're a social, rather than a solitary backyard astronomer, then here's a map to help you find local public observing groups all over the world. Expect to find some telescopes to get you a live close-up view.

Since you'll already be outside, don't forget some of the great astronomy apps that help orient you to the visible planets and constellations. I like Star Walk, Pocket Universe and Distant Suns. Happily, the author of Distant Suns has put version 2 of the app on sale for US$0.99 today only in honor of the lunar event. If you have an iPhone, or iPod touch, it's a good night to look up.

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