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Entourage Pocket Edge in the wild at Marvell event, scared out of hiding by Schwarzenegger

Sean Hollister

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What's this -- the slim, Verizon-bound successor to the Entourage Edge, out in plain sight? Just so, because Marvell wanted to look its best when the Governator came by. When California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger toured Marvell headquarters as part of a trade mission to Asia, a Forbes camera crew tagged along, and got us this first glimpse of the "Verizon Pocket Edge" shown immediately above. Though it's hard to tell what's changed from this angle -- save a lack of front-facing camera on the right -- a second photo taken by the Associated Press (after the break) shows the e-reader is significantly smaller in size, so perhaps it's the 7-inch device we were originally told about. Hats off to The Digital Reader for spotting the device, weeks after the newswires had packed up and moved on.

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