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Another HTC HD7 leak: mid-October looks like a go, price is €559 without contract


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We're getting very used to spotting the as-yet-unannounced Windows Phone 7-powered HD7 embedded in tables of serial numbers and release dates, and while, you know, a picture would be nice, it's good to see that it still exists in the world of carrier databases. has a leaked O2 Germany lineup courtesy of a tipster, and that chart names an HTC HD7 for the 42nd week of the year, which lines up nicely with that original October 18 rumor we heard for O2 in the UK. What's more, this chart names a price, with €79 on a two year €20 monthly contract, and a hefty €559 tag if you'd like to go contract free. We suppose that sort of decision making is best left for after we've seen the handset, but we won't judge if you'd rather just rush in headlong -- with the HD series pedigree, we doubt you'll be disappointed.

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