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Breakfast Topic: Brewfest 2010 is here ... hic!


Yarrr! Brewfest 2010 be here, mateys!


Sorry, that was leftover from yesterday's Pirates' Day. Today begins one of the best holidays of the yar ... er, year. It's got beer and ram riding for beer and ram riding to deliver beer and the throwing of beer and a good old-fashioned dungeon run that is beer-related. There are quests, achievements and lots and lots of goodies, ranging from the supremely silly to the ultimate in usefulness. (Well, maybe not the ultimate. I just needed a "u" word to go with usefulness.)

Brewfest is a requirement for the meta achievement What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been, and Allison Robert has everything you need to know about that right here. Also, don't forget your Brew of the Month Club membership, because it doesn't carry over. So go visit the areas outside Ironforge or Orgrimmar and enjoy your completely safe, non-fattening, virtual beer binge.

<It came from the Blog> will be throwing a Brewfest party this weekend. Stay tuned here at WoW Insider for details.

What are you trying to get this year? Do you participate even if you have everything you want already? Is Brewfest your favorite in-game holiday?

Disclaimer: No alcoholic beverages, virtual or otherwise, were consumed in the writing of this post. Unfortunately.

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