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Foursquare app gets a version bump


Being the geek that I am, I always have time to annoy my wife by checking into venues with Foursquare whenever we go somewhere. The free location-based social networking iPhone app gained even more awesomeness (their description, not mine) today with the release of version 2.0.

What's new? A to-do list for organizing your explorations. You can search for a location, and then add it to your to-do list. This would be handy for reminding yourself about restaurants that friends have tipped you off to. To-dos can also be added via websites, if they embed the button on their page (think Instapaper for location-based to-dos).

Another new feature is that friends, tips, and to-do items can now be displayed on a map, nice for figuring out where you were planning on going, where your friends have gone off to, and what you were going to do when you got there. This feature ought to be popular with aging Americans like myself.

The venue pages have also been updated, with large, easily-found links for the current mayor's profile, any tips that have been left, and a one-tap button for calling a venue.

The mini-gallery below features some screenshots from version 2 of Foursquare. Enjoy!

Gallery: Foursquare Goes 2.0 | 4 Photos

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