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Itagaki 'would like' to offer 3D option in Devil's Third


It's still up in the air what the "third" in Devil's Third means -- could it be the third dimension? Tomonobu Itagaki told Impress Watch during a TGS 2010 interview (the game wasn't at the show in any kind of official capacity) that he was looking into 3D. "It's not a game that's built around it, but I'd like to at least offer it as an option," Andriasang translates.

3D was a hot topic at TGS 2010, something that Sony's pushing big time with the PS3. But what about the Xbox 360? Itagaki said he could do it, as long as it's "side by side" with the PS3 version, but considering his game won't be out for years -- Itagaki reiterated during the interview that the game would not launch in 2011 -- we'd suggest sitting back and seeing how this whole 3D thing plays out before diverting sunglasses and leather jacket funds to making the game 3D.

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