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Mmmmmm... SWTOR smuggler video


In case you missed it last week, gave the world an exclusive look at the Star Wars: The Old Republic smuggler class. "When the Republic needs someone to get the job done, they always call me," the narrator snorts smugly in the video. He has the best ship in the galaxy, a sneaky set of abilities, and moral compass that allows him to do things the Republic would rather not be made public. Plus, he's got all the best connections to the underworld, right?

Do you have what it takes to dual-wield pistols or slip past guards undetected? Maybe you just like to be a smart aleck to people in authority. BioWare wrote the smuggler class for you. Dodge past the break and catch a glimpse of the smuggler's snarky class video. Don't miss the the shots of SWTOR's stealth and cover systems in action nor the Millennium-Falcon-type interior of the smuggler's starship. And was that a quick glance of a Wookiee companion at 1:01? Judge for yourself.

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