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Sony's Yoshida sees Kinect as healthy competition, 3DTV-exclusive games as nonsensical


Sony and Microsoft may be going head to head this holiday with motion-based gaming peripherals, but SCE Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida doesn't see Microsoft's massive Kinect ad campaign as a problem for PlayStation's Move -- in fact, Sony quite likes the free attention it's getting as a result. Yoshida recently admitted as much to, saying, "I've always felt like we were lucky that Microsoft made such a big deal with Project Natal. In a broader sense, we are categorized as 'motion gaming' -- if we were just doing Move, we wouldn't have had as much coverage and attention from media and consumers."

Also, despite the fact that Sony has been touting 3D functionality in lots of upcoming games -- even updating older releases with the technology -- Yoshida doesn't necessarily believe we'll be seeing 3DTV-exclusive titles anytime soon. "Never say never -- but I don't think that makes sense. Stereoscopic 3D isn't adding something completely different, it's just making it a bit more natural for users to see 3D images. We just don't have to think about making games exclusive to 3DTV," he said.

The interview also covers the turbulent trip of the hand-carried PlayStation Move prototype by Richard Marx, not to mention the changes in Sony's structure over the past few years as various major executives have played musical chairs.

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