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TGS 2011 provisionally dated, TGS 2010 audience breaks record


Tokyo Game Show organizer CESA announced the dates for next year's event: either September 15 through 18 or September 16 through 18. The reason for the uncertain date range: CESA has yet to decide whether to cut one of the two business days from the schedule -- otherwise known as the "we actually get to see and play things" days.

In addition, CESA also announced record-breaking TGS 2010 attendance. 207,647 people in total showed up over the four days of the event, the first time it's broken the 200,000 mark. This is despite slightly smaller numbers during the business days, and the smaller size of the show overall. Basically, it means that more people were crammed into the Monster Hunter line at one time than ever before.

[Pictured: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd line -- on a business day]

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