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DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue offers free DLC during launch week


Even if it seems oddly soon for a sequel to DeathSpank, it might be worth your while to grab Thongs of Virtue soon rather than letting a more appropriate interim pass. EA announced that those who purchase the followup during the week of launch (September 20-27 on PSN, September 22-28 on XBLA) will get two free items of DLC.

After that period, the "Snowy Mountain Dungeon" and playable co-op character "Sidekick Tankko" will be sold for $2.99/240 Microsoft Points and $0.99/80 Microsoft Points, respectively. That's not much, but it's certainly more than the nothing the DLC costs now. As a side note, now we understand why Thongs of Virtue is a "sequel" and not an "episode." Buying DLC for one part of an episodic game seems weird, but DLC for a separate downloadable game is par for the course.

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