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Final Fantasy XI runs the bulls once again

Eliot Lefebvre

The next month or so is going to be an interesting time for Final Fantasy XI, with its spiritual and numerical sequel launching tomorrow. (You might have heard of it.) But the development team is still putting its best foot forward, and in this case that means it's time for adventurers all across Vana'diel to enjoy the older game by... herding cows. It probably sounds at least moderately more epic if you're familiar with the Blazing Buffaloes event overall.

Starting on September 28th and running until October 12th, Blazing Buffaloes is a chance for players to take part in the age-old art of bovine management, complete with a decorative reward for successful herders. While the detailed mechanics have not been made available, odds are good that last year's guide will serve as a decent stopgap until players have had a chance to suss out any and all new wrinkles. Whether or not you're taking advantage of the concurrent subscription bonus with Final Fantasy XIV, you can enjoy the latest Final Fantasy XI holiday starting next week.

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