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The Situation releases top grossing iOS app, gives us a reason to make the switch from Android


Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, a reality TV star with few legitimate talents, has to take every opportunity he can to monetize his fifteen minutes of fame -- so it's no surprise that he's got an app of his own. What is surprising, however, is that anyone would pay $5 for what is essentially a way to shoot him Facebook messages, a GTL finder (think Urban Spoon for laundromats and gyms), and a game called Grenade Dodger that's basically Kaboom! with a Jersey Shore face lift. But pay for it, people have: According to The Hollywood Reporter, since its release last Thursday this bad boy has moved into the Top 10 Entertainment Apps in the App Store -- which is odd, because when we checked (image after the break) it was ranked 19, behind such titles as Hot Booth and iGun Pro. Regardless, you could take this info one of two ways: you could shed a tear for humanity (we definitely wouldn't blame you), or you can double down and finish production of your app for Oxygen's Bad Girls Club.

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