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LG Vortex for Verizon spied again: Bing, no FM radio

Chris Ziegler

We've got a little more detail on Verizon's low-end Vortex that leaked earlier this week, and pretty much everything we know confirms the phone's place toward the bottom of the lineup. First off, it's all done up with Bing apps just like the Fascinate, further suggesting that non-Droid Android devices are going to be bearing the brunt of Verizon's search deal with Microsoft. Secondly, unlike the earlier leak, there's no FM radio -- makes sense, considering the general rarity of that feature in the US market. We can confirm that it'll be shipping with Froyo installed, and our tipster tells us that it performs pretty admirably for what it is (especially in light of the fact that it's got a mere 600MHz core). Follow the break for one more shot!

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