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Lost iPhone investigation almost done


We could finally be nearing the end of the lost iPhone saga. Way back in April, police launched a probe into the alleged sale of the lost prototype iPhone 4 that was found in a bar near San Jose earlier this year, and CNET is now reporting that the investigation is almost over. Chief Deputy District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe of California's San Mateo County says that the final report on the probe could be sent to his office in the next few weeks, at which point he'll look at what evidence was collected and see if charges need to be brought.

Wagstaffe also says that multiple Apple employees were interviewed in the case, including Steve Jobs himself. Police also searched Gizmodo editor Jason Chen's house at one point (the phone was reportedly sold to Gizmodo by a college student who found it in the bar), but that warrant was withdrawn a while back, and the seized items were returned.

It's certainly possible that police could still bring criminal charges in the case, but given that the matter seems to have blown over (it's not like iPhone 4 sales were hurt by the leaks anyway), it seems unlikely that anyone will get arrested and charged. But we'll keep a lookout for the case closing anyway -- I'm sure there will be one or two documents coming to light that will provide a better look at exactly what happened. Stay tuned.

[via Mac Rumors]

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