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More than 1 million iPhone sales in Korea


Distributor KT Corporation announced this week that the iPhone has sold more than 1 million units in South Korea. It took nine months for that many units to fly off the shelves, and that doesn't include sales of the iPhone 4.

When the iPhone 3GS launched in Korea in November of 2009, KT Corp. had some 65,000 pre-orders to fill. By contrast, customers had placed 350,000 pre-orders for the iPhone 4. Now, KT and Apple struggle to meet the demand as bottlenecks are hindering distribution elsewhere, despite manufacturer Foxconn's best efforts. Still, KT Corp. expects to reach 1.2 million iPhones sold by October.

As Electronista points out, Korean consumers have traditionally resisted smartphones, so Apple deserves kudos for breaking into the stubborn market. KT Corp notes that Koreans using iPhones consume four times more data than those with other smartphones.

Congratulations to Apple and KT! Of course, this is all good news for CJ Corporation, right?

[Via Electronista]

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