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Nokia 5230 brutally overclocked to 800MHz

Chris Ziegler

As overclocking hacks go, Nokia often takes a back seat to Windows Mobile and Android -- but why? In the year 2010, shouldn't we be showing these dusty 434MHz ARM11s some turbocharged mercy? The answer is an unqualified "yes," which is why we're happy to see this video of a 5230 getting boosted from its stock 434MHz all the way up to a relatively mind-numbing 800MHz. The UI looks considerably snappier, though it's unclear what kind of effect the hack has on battery life; fortunately, it looks like you can choose from a variety of speeds between 250 and 800MHz, so you can just scale accordingly depending on how close you are to your charger. Now, we just need Symbian^3 on this bad boy and we'll be all set. Follow the break for video.

[Thanks, Daniel]

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