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38 Studios' move to Providence, RI is official


38 Studios, with millions of dollars coming its way from the state of Rhode Island, officially announced its move to Providence today. The untested developer will be headquartered in the state capital at One Empire Plaza, not far from Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University. 38 Studios was launched by former Red Sox player Curt Schilling in 2006.

"38 Studios presents Rhode Island with a tremendous economic development opportunity," said Governor Donald Carcieri. "This investment creates 450 high-paying jobs, provides job opportunities for our college graduates in a fast growing industry, and will attract other interactive and entertainment companies to Rhode Island."

However, WPRI notes that 38 Studios can actually get $64 million (of a total $75M) from the state through only employing 250 by December 2011. Several Rhode Island gubernatorial candidates have expressed concern over the agreement with the studio, but it appears the deal is done now.

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